“Homework-year 1”

“homework – year 1” is the first volume in an ongoing series of compilations which will hopefully be released at the end of each year and will gather unreleased tracks recorded/finalised during the year by as much taâlem artists as possible.

the idea came from a cassette compilation named “opus 1” released in 1992 by the french label les nouvelles propagandes featuring brume and internal fusion amongst other french artists. the idea was to release each year tracks by the same artists. there was sadly no other editions…

inspired by this concept, we’ve asked every artist who had a release on taâlem during these past 15 years to contribute an unreleased track recorded/finalised in 2016.

a total of 52 artists have sent us a track for this first edition.

This is a taâlem digital release – almp3.6 – december 2016

photography: delphine ancelle-b.