Silap Inua

« Silap Inua (‘possessor of spirit’, ᓯᓚᑉ ᐃᓄᐊ) in Inuit Mythology is similar as Ether .

It conceive as the breath of life and the method of locomotion for any
movement or change.

Sila is the life-going element (‘breath, spirit’, ᓯᓪᓚ) the spirit of the sky, the wind, and the weather.

Inua is a spirit that exists in all people, animals, lakes, mountains, and plants.

The vital force representing a chain or continuum of all the individual spirits of that genus which had lived, were living, or were to live. »

Beyond the physical world, unfolding the cosmic perspective as infinite horizon.

The symbiosis of fractured mechanicals rhythms, primitive kaleidoscopic drum patterns ,sharped basses combined with Ethereal Atmospheres, Aerial swirling melodies, ghostly soothing vocals (in Inuktikut language) merged with futuristic glitches and surreal bleeps.

An introspective vision embracing the otherworldly journey that integrates the earthly and the celestial Spheres.

Cover design by Beeple

Awaken” video by Jérôme Chassagnard (Ab ovo).

« Sedna » video By Stijn Deprez