This is a serie of experiments i made and posted a few months ago on Instagram. Some short extracts were also in my latest showreel but as they generated a lot of positive feedbacks, I thought they deserved their own full length edit. The serie has been made around the idea that nature is able to generate new organic forms and patterns which are not regulated by our physical world. 

The goal behind it was also to push myself to learn some new animation techniques, texturing workflows, photographic compositions and environment lightning. But to make it really immersive, the soundtrack was crucial, so i contacted 2 very talented audio artists. Jérôme Chassagnard and Jeremie Mathes from who i knew the work since a very long time (AB Ovo period) and they joined me on board. One of their music track was perfectly creating the mood i was searching for. So i made a quick edit of the sequences, put their track on it and sent it to them. ​​​​​​​The response was immediate: they loved the film and they were really excited to collaborate on the project. I’m so grateful they accepted it as we found a lot of similarities in our mutual work so there’s a good chance we’ll do this again in the near future. Thx for watching.

CYKLE | A Collection Of Short Stories from Fabian Aerts on Vimeo.