Southeast Asia Phonographic Morning

Stéphane Marin presents a weekly series of twenty soundscapes recorded in the mornings at various locations throughout South East Asia. Entitled « Southeast Asia PhoNographic Mornings » this series forms part of a wider project, « Each Morning of the World », which invites sound artists, composers and recordists globally to share their own specific point of listening, either through a raw field recording or original composition.

This project tends to focus on the vivacity and the creativity of the « soundscape » scene in the world. For that Stéphane Marin asks to a representative sample of sound creators, composers, recordists who use fieldrecording as a part of their creative process to share with the audience a creation or a raw recording of their own morning in a precise location of the world.

Radios partners :
~ Resonance Extra (London)
~ Radio Grenouille (Marseille – FR)
~ Radiocarbono podcast (ARG)
~ 106.1 – La Pampa (ARG)
~ LA TRIBU 88.7 FM – Buenos Aires (ARG)
~ Radio Panik 105.4 FM (Bruxelles – BE)



releases June 9, 2019